New Years Eve, 2009 Game Session

Let the fun begin.  It’s New Year’s Eve, and the tradition around here is to play lots of games!  Since I’m trying to involve Madeline in this game time, I picked out a few games that a six year old can play.  Thomas (4yo) was off in his own world playing Leapster games.

Igloo Pop

Players: Myself, JoAnna (wife), Grace (daughter 9yo), Madeline (daughter 6yo)

This is a game that we haven’t played yet, but I picked it up from a thrift store.  So we sat down and went through the rules.  Unfortunately, I’m missing a thaler from 4 of the colors, so instead of starting with 10 each, we started with 9 (which doesn’t appear to affect the game thankfully!)  We went through the first game and since everyone is still getting used to it, I was the only one to get any matches.   In the second game, Madeline was the first one to score!  Eventually all of us ended up with points, however in the end I managed to squeeze out another win.

Apples to Apples Kids

Players: Myself, JoAnna (wife), Grace (daughter 9yo), Madeline (daughter 6yo)

Next up was something that should make up for the low scoring from the last game.  Apples to Apples Kids is perfect for this!  Last time we played, Madeline was just starting to sound out words, and needed a lot of help figuring out what the cards said.   This time, she had no problems and was able to play as well as the rest of us.  My winning streak continued though through this game and I claimed four green cards before anyone else.  And as a rule in my family, the green cards are supposed to describe the person who wins them, which means that the following applies:

John: Noisy, Quiet (do those cancel out), mean, and sour
Grace: Fat, Skinny (those must also cancel out), and slippery
JoAnna: Dirty and lively
Madeline: Clean and Boring

So it doesn’t really seem to describe any of us very well this time around, but adds to the fun factor.

Doodle Dice

Players: Myself, JoAnna (wife), Grace (daughter 9yo), Madeline (daughter 6yo)

Now I pull out Doodle Dice, which is one of Madeline’s favorites, but only because she seems to always win!  We started off fairly well with everyone except JoAnna managing to claim a card.  Halfway through the game (5 rounds), Grace had the lead with 4 cards while the rest of us had 2.  But that was the turning point and in the next 5 rounds, I managed to gather up 4 more cards for the win (and the streak continues!)  Madeline ended the game with 4 cards, and JoAnna and Grace both had 5.

Finding Nemo

Players: Myself, JoAnna (wife), Grace (daughter 9yo), Madeline (daughter 6yo)

Last but not least, we played through a game which Madeline has been asking to play for a couple weeks, Finding Nemo.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough Nemo pawns to play four player, however I grabbed an nice wooden eskimo pawn from the Children of the World game to use as my pawn.  Maybe this pawn would bring me the luck needed to sweep tonight’s game night!  Things started off fairly slowly, however Grace and I were going down the same path as we tried to make it home.  Often we were on the same exact square!  Towards the end, JoAnna, Grace, and I were all in the ocean, however Grace and I were only 1 square away.  My lucky pawn managed to work its magic as I rolled a 1 and swiftly moved my pawn to home for the win!

So four games, and four wins for me.   The wins aren’t the important part though, as we all had fun, and I didn’t even realize that I had won every game until I sat down to write this.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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